Science Everywhere

This module is designed to help the Cub Scout explore how science affects their life each day.


General Information about this activity:

  • When?: 04/08 at 3:30pm

  • Instructor: Vincent Meunier

  • E-Mail address:

  • Pre-reqs submission: google form

  • Zoom link for activity:

  • Bio-sketch: Vincent Meunier is a Physicist with an expertise in theoretical and computational physics. He’s the Head of the Physics Department at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute where he teaches Quantum Mechanics and Thermodynamics. He’s a Fellow of the American Physical Society, the Institute of Physics, and the American Association for the Advancement of Science. He has been a scouter for 35 years, first as a cub, scout, and scoutmaster while in Belgium. He has been a dean leader, assistant scoutmaster, scoutmaster, and now a Fort Orange district committee member and Chair of the STEM Committee of the Twin Rivers Council.


What is a pre-requisite? It is an activity you should complete before the meeting! Here is a list of pre-requisites you should do to complete this Award. If you do not have time to complete it before the day of the activity, do not despair! You can always send your work later to your instructor at the address listed above!

  1. Requirement #1

    1. Watch some of the Youtube videos listed below. (if your parents do not want you to watch videos, you can complete the alternate requirement “B”!)

      1. Make a list of at least two questions or ideas from what you watched.

      2. Discuss two of the questions or ideas with your counselor.


        The list below provides some examples of videos that could work for this requirement!

    2. (only do this if you do not want to do A.) Read (about one hour total) about anything related to science. Then do the following:

      1. Make a list of at least two questions or ideas from what you read.

      2. Discuss two of the questions or ideas with your counselor.

  2. Complete ONE adventure from the following list for your current rank or complete option A or B. (If you choose an Adventure, choose one you have not already earned.) Discuss with your counselor what kind of science, technology, engineering, and math was used in the adventure or option.

    1. Wolf Cub Scouts: Collections and Hobbies; Digging in the Past; Germs Alive!; Grow Something

    2. Bear Cub Scouts: A Bear Goes Fishing; Bear Picnic; Critter Care;

    3. Webelos Scouts: Earth Rocks!; Maestro!

    • Option A: Complete all of the following: (a) Explain the scientific method to your adult partner. (b) Use the scientific method in a simple science project. Explain the results to an adult. (c) Talk to a scientist about why he or she became a scientist.

    • Option B: Complete all of the following: (a) Show how to orient a map. Find three landmarks on the map. (b) Make a simple compass with a magnet and pin. (c) Show how a compass works. (d) Use a compass on an orienteering activity with at least 3 stops.


Pre-req submissions

Finally, have your cub scouts ENTER their pre work in this form before April 5th to allow us to create a truly interactive and personalized learning experience. If you are late that is OK, please still fill it out up to our scheduled 3:30 class. Feel free to contact the instructor (See email in blue box at the top of this page)

What will we do during the meeting?

  1. We will act like a scientist!

    1. We will discuss the notion of pandemic together!


    What’s a pandemic?

    1. We will introduce the scientific method to approach the problem of a pandemic from a scientific point of vie.


    The scientific method

  2. We will make a virtual visit of a sewer line


    For younger cubs: Where does it go after you flush?

    For webelos: Sewer Systems

  3. We will discover how science affects our everyday life.

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