Nova Wild

This module is designed to help you learn about wildlife and the natural world around you.


General Information about this activity:


What is a pre-requisite? It is an activity you should complete before the meeting! Here is a list of pre-requisites you should do to complete this Award. If you do not have time to complete it before the day of the activity, do not despair! You can always send your work later to your instructor at the address listed above!

  1. Requirement #1: Watch and episode or read about wildlife, endangered species, invasive species, food chains, biodiversity, ecosystems, or wildlife habitats. Then make a list of at least two questions or ideas from what you read and watched.


    Some examples include — but are not limited to — shows found on PBS (“NOVA”), Discovery Channel, Science Channel, National Geographic Channel, TED Talks (online videos), and the History Channel. You may choose to watch a live performance or movie at a planetarium or science museum instead of watching a media production. You may watch online productions with your counselor’s approval and under your parent’s supervision.

  2. Gather the following items for the event

    1. small nature items, leaves, small sticks, feathers, etc. (should include at least one flatter item such as leaves)

    2. Paper

    3. Crayons with wrappers removed (any bolder or darker color)

    4. Glue (not glue stick) and or tape

    5. Cardboard piece or thicker paper

    6. Pine cone or toilet paper tube

    7. Piece of string (1-3 ft. long)

    8. Peanut butter (1 cup)

    9. Bird seed (1 cup)


Pre-req submissions

Finally, have your cub scouts SEND their pre work directly to Melissa Sargent to her email address: before April 5th to allow us to create a truly interactive and personalized learning experience. If you are late that is OK, please still fill it out up to our scheduled class. Feel free to contact the instructor if you have any question.

What will we do during the meeting?

  1. Digging the Past

    1. Dinosaur Match Game: Name the Dinosaur PowerPoint presentation will be shown during the meeting.

    2. Create an imaginary dinosaur:

    3. Make a fossil cast: Make a crayon rubbing of a leaf or some other flatter object

  2. Explore

    1. Talk about what wildlife is

    2. Use gathered nature items to collage

    3. Talk about items found

  3. Act like a Naturalist

    1. Discuss endangered species Activity: play Endangered Species kahoot:

    2. Investigate your Neighbor: Make bird feeder

  4. Visit a place to observe wildlife …. Watch live bird cam such as:

  5. Talk about what they learned and liked.

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