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Welcome to the Twin Rivers Council Cub Scout Nova Quest website!

Here you will find all the information you need for each of the 11 Cub Scout Nova Awards offered during the Nova Quest program. Each Nova Award has its own page. Only focus on those for which of you have registered!

How can you use this site? You will find contact information, the list of pre-requisites (i.e. things you should do before the Zoom meeting), a preview of the activities that will take place during the Zoom meetings, and links to submit your pre-requisites to the instructors! You will even find a few words about each instructor on each page. Isn’t that cool?

Most important: you will find the Zoom link on each page to join the meetings!

If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Contact info:

Our Mission

The mission of the STEM committee is to promote the STEM/Nova activities to all Youths of the Council by offering a rich array of STEM-related activities offered by technical experts and volunteers. The activities are positioned in large part, but are not limited to, BSA-sponsored activities. The STEM committee strives to offer a safe and inclusive atmosphere to all Cub Scouts, Scouts BSA, Venturers, and Sea Scouts.

TRC Cub Scout Nova Quest

Nova Award




Science Everywhere


04/08 at 3:30pm

Vincent Meunier

Tech Talk


04/05 at 3:30pm

Ted Sargent



04/06 at 3:30pm

Jeff Zemsky

1-2-3 Go!


04/10 at 12:00pm

Rob Pattison

Down and Dirty


04/07 at 3:30pm

Jeffrey Brewer & James Cascione

Nova Wild


04/06 at 6:30pm

Melissa Sargent

Out of this World


04/05 at 6:30pm

George Hassel

Fearful Symmetry


04/08 at 6:30pm

Melia Gordon

Uncovering the Past


04/07 at 6:30pm

Katie McCabe

Cub Scouts Can Code


04/09 at 6:30pm

Ted Sargent

Up and Away


04/09 at 3:30pm

Bill Clancy

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Shoulder Patch Offered by the Committee for all Supernova Award recipients. More on the Supernova awards can be found here.

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